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Product Brief
8xxnm Diode Laser Module

DP series direct diode laser is developed and manufactured by Beijing Reci Laser Technology Co., Based on high reliable emitters and using engineering technologies such as spatial beam combination, popularization beam combination, wavelength beam combination, waveguide beam combination, fiber coupling and stripping cladding light, we have developed two categories of diode laser system-ones with high brightness and ones with high output power. Among them are DP series wavelength stabilized pump sources based on conductive cooled multiple emitter laser modules. They are for applications like pumping green, ultraviolet or ultrafast solid lasers as well as assistant long-range illumination, imaging, non-destructive examination of photovoltaic material and plastic welding, etc.

Product characteristics

01 Stable wavelength

02 High brightness and reliability

03 Fiber core diameter 105μm-200μm

04 The output power is between 65W and 250W

Product parameters


Product application

01 Used in solid state laser pump

02 Applied to ultrafast laser pump and research field