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Product Brief
CO₂  Laser Tube - T Series

Beijing Laser Technology Co. Ltd. Has officially launched W series and T series laser tubes. Reci upgrades and brings CO2 glass laser tube to 3.0 generation. Through the last ten years of development, the CO2 glass laser tube now develops to the third generation. The third generation of laser tube cancels the adjusting screws at both tube ends. Instead, the metal parts are made by high-precise CNC machine. New firing technology is used to join metal parts and glass parts together directly. 

Product characteristics

01 Beam quality: >95% TEM00 mode

02 Optical resonator advantage: enhance power

03 Advanced radioactive materials coated lenses

04 Alternative technique: metal-glass sintering

Product parameters


Product application

01 Non-metallic cutting, marking and carving 

02 Used in crafts and lamps industries

03 Used in apparel and footwear industries

04 Used in signage and advertising industries